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EcoStucco® Clear Carnauba Wax EcoStucco® BLACK SOAP EcoStucco® Impregnating Sealer
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EcoStucco® Clear Carnauba Wax will provide luster and stain resistance to polished plasters without tarnishing colors.
* Yields about 100 square feet.

Natural, organic soap, made true to the ancient soap used by the Romans. Dark in color, its key ingredient is black olive. Black soap is a vital ingredient in the art of fine lime plaster finishes and particularly the Tadelakt of Morocco. When applied on fresh plaster, the oil comes in contact with moisture that contains calcium particles. When polishing, the cream penetrates into the plaster, creating a durable hydrophobic (waterproof) layer, adding richness and luster to the finish.

* Yields about 400 square feet.

EcoStucco® Impregnating Sealer is an invisible and breathable sealer. It is designed to protect naturally porous mineral surfaces by effectively repelling water and stains, while allowing for optimal water-vapor exchange. Once in contact with the surface, the sealer penetrates immediately to fusion with the molecules of the material, permanently repelling staining liquids such damaging water-borne salts.
* Yields about 200 SF